THE PROBLEM: How long do you wait for hot water to arrive in the shower? 30 Seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes? While you wait, a family of 5 wastes approx. 15,000 gallons of tempered water down the drain and pays for that water plus sewage fees.

THE SOLUTION: AquaMotion has the SOLUTION for every possible installation in homes, condos, multi-family, mansions, businesses, restaurants and factories. Their products offer the simplest, uncomplicated, most cost-effective solutions for any type of installation.

THE BENEFITS: By providing instant hot water there’s no more waiting for hot water. This prevents the dumping of energy loaded warm water down the drain reducing sewage fees as well as the water bill. The pumps meets building codes for water saving and helps to alleviate water shortages.

Types of Installations and Model Selection

Homes built before 1980 and many later homes use a single pipe (no dedicated return line) system to deliver hot water to the sinks and showers. The water in the pipe turns cold when no one uses hot water. For this type of application, use any of the AquaMotionHOT™ One Kits. They are installed under the sink furthest from the heat source.

Homes that have a dedicated return line (2 pipe) where a pipe goes from the furthest sink from the heat source back to the hot water tank or boiler or tank-less heater use an AquaMotionHOT™ Two kit. See the selection chart below.

One of the most popular systems is the AquaMotion AMH1K-3UV Pump and Valve Hot Water Recirculation System pictured below. The pump is installed at the water heater and the bypass valve under the furthest fixture such as a sink. Additional bypass valves can be added if the house has multiple plumbing systems.

The alternative to the split pump and bypass design is the popular AquaMotion AMH3K-7 Under Sink Hot Water Recirculation System pictured below. The pump and bypass is one piece installed under the furthest sink. Note that power is required at the pump location.

MODES OF OPERATION:  AquaMotionHot™ One and AquaMotionHot™ Two are fully automatic systems that are controlled by built-in sensors and switches. When water at the faucet cools down, the sensor turns on the pump and shuts it off when hot water arrives. The pump runs, depending on the length and size of the pipe, three to four times an hour for one or two minutes to maintain instant hot water at the faucet.

Built-in timers on the pumps are available to limit the operating time to save energy when hot water is not needed.

All systems can be made ON-DEMAND to meet certain codes or preferences by adding ON-DEMAND buttons and wireless receivers or motion sensors with receiver kits.

California and some other states require an operator controlled system where the user presses a CALL button to turn on the pump (ON-DEMAND). Motion sensor are another method used to start the pump. AquaMotion offers both these solutions with their ON-DEMAND systems. Up to 5 wireless buttons or 5 motion sensors or mixed 5 can be programmed into one receiver.

Tankless Water Heaters

The good news is AquaMotion makes larger pump systems to accomodate tankless water heaters. Checkout the full selection here.

Images and data courtesy of AquaMotion.