When we talk about interior design, air vents don’t typically grab the limelight. Yet, these inconspicuous fixtures play a pivotal role in our daily comfort. Dayus prioritizes rapid, top-tier service and product quality, leveraging its size for personalized order attention and meticulous processes.


Among the Dayus product line, their bar linear vents merge modern aesthetics with HVAC efficiency. Their sleek, parallel bars provide optimal airflow, fitting seamlessly into today’s architectural designs and elevating interiors with both form and function.

Variety of Dayus bar linear grilles

Features & Customization

Dayus offers a range of customization options:

  • Materials: Dayus bar linear vents are made from durable fully extruded architectural aluminum.
Dayus DAF floor grilles in 2 different colors.
  • Finishes: With a variety of finishes available, these vents can easily match or contrast with your interiors.

  • Blade Designs & Configurations: Depending on your airflow needs, select from various blade options and configurations to align seamlessly with your project’s specifications.
  • Available as Either Registers or Grilles: Whether you’re seeking the controlled airflow of registers or the open design of grilles, Dayus offers both, ensuring a perfect fit for every space and function.

Versatility in Placement

Whether you’re looking to install them on the ceiling, wall, or floor, Dayus bar linear vents are up for the task. Reinforced designs, especially for floor installations, ensure longevity and durability, even under foot traffic.

Mud-in and drywall flanges

The DABLJ (mud-in) and DABLH (drywall) are designed to be installed flush with the surface. This creates a seamless integration between the installed component and the surrounding surface. When the grille or register is installed, drywall mud or plaster is applied over the flange and up to the edge of the face. Once it dries and is sanded smooth, the result is a clean, flush appearance with no visible mounting flange.

Dayus bar linear vents seamlessly integrate into your home aesthetics, offering a flawless fusion of artful design and efficient performance. By merging the subtlety of modern design with the demands of advanced ventilation, Dayus has crafted a solution that not only complements your interior decor but also improves the overall ambiance of your living spaces.