HVACquick is introducing the newest addition to the CFB family, the CFB-HP-6-LL

In the ever-evolving landscape of indoor air quality, HVACquick has created the CFB-HP-6-LL. This air filtration unit is crafted from high-quality 5052 H32 Aluminum, setting the standard for durability and performance. Let’s delve into the features that make the CFB-HP-6-LL stand out in the realm of air purification.

1. Robust Construction: At the heart of the CFB-HP-6-LL is its robust construction, utilizing 5052 H32 Aluminum. This alloy is well-known for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and formability. The use of such high-quality material ensures the longevity and reliability of the air filtration unit, making it a stalwart defender against airborne contaminants.

2. Dual Filter System for Superior Air Quality: The CFB-HP-6-LL boasts a dual-filter system, combining a 2-inch MERV 11 pre-filter with a 6-inch H13 HEPA filter. This tandem is engineered to capture particles of various sizes, providing comprehensive air purification. The MERV 11 pre-filter acts as the first line of defense, capturing larger particles and extending the lifespan of the HEPA filter.

3. Experience Long Life with the H13 HEPA Filter: One of the standout features of the CFB-HP-6-LL is its 6-inch H13 HEPA filter, capable of lasting up to an impressive 2 years. This longevity sets it apart from traditional 2-inch HEPA filters that typically require replacement after just 1 year. The long life not only reduces maintenance frequency but also contributes to cost savings over time.

4. Perfect Fit for 6-Inch Ducts: The CFB-HP-6-LL is designed to seamlessly integrate into ventilation systems with 6-inch ducts. This compatibility ensures easy installation and efficient air circulation, making it a versatile choice for various residential and commercial settings.