Oftentimes attaching a dryer duct is extremely difficult and when done incorrectly can cause several issues that can impact both the performance of your dryer and the safety of your home such as increased lint buildup, overheating, and unpleasant odors. That’s where MagVent comes in.

Understanding Your Dryer’s Functionality

The dryer is made to remove moisture from wet clothes. It accomplishes this by heating air and blowing it through the load of clothes while they are tumbled to increases the surface area that is exposed to the heated air. The moisture that is evaporated is forced through the lint trap, through the dryer exhaust system, and then vented outside the home. Restrictions in the duct can lead to poor venting and decreases the dryer’s ability to remove the moist air from the dryer.

Identifying Causes of Poor Venting

  • Clogged lint trap
  • Kinked or crushed dryer duct
  • Excessively long duct path
  • Excessive use of bends and turns
  • Rough interior surface of ducting
  • Lint accumulation in vent pipe, dryer duct, and dryer
  • Vertical vent paths

How Does MagVent Help You?

Easy Maintenance

MagVent transforms the often challenging chore of routine dryer duct maintenance into a breeze with its user-friendly design, facilitating effortless attachment and detachment. Regular cleaning becomes not just a necessity but a seamless process. Eliminating accumulated lint is made simple, ensuring a safer and more efficient drying experience.

Eliminate Lengthy Duct Runs

MagVent facilitates the creation of the shortest duct paths, optimizing ventilation for the dryer and enhancing its capacity to efficiently remove moisture from your clothes.

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