Back in the old days, laundry rooms were put on an exterior wall, almost exclusively to provide a short vent run for the dryer. As our houses grew, somehow function trailed form and the unsightly laundry room was relegated to some hidden corner deep inside the house.

Works out for space usage, opening exterior walls for windows and the like…for the dryer, not so much.

Dryers need to shed heat and moisture to operate efficiently. More than 6 feet or so and they are over matched. Well…what now?

Dryer booster fans! These fans have pressure switches or current sensors to know when the dryer is running and turn on and off all by themselves. These fans have enough strength to keep the heat and moisture moving, allowing your dryer to dry clothes in the time it should.

How Do I Know If I Need One?

  • Takes a long time to dry your clothes?
  • Need to run the dryer multiple times?
  • Replaced your dryer because it burned out?

Tjernlund, Fantech, Soler Palau and others make great ones. Give a call to find out which one will work best for you…