Domestic water supply to our homes tops out at around 60 PSI. So, that’s a lot, right?

What we forget is that the more automated our lives have become, the more auxiliary devices we have to take care of us. Such as sprinkler systems, dishwashers, clothes washers, well you get the idea… The downside to that is the water pressure can only do so much before things start to not be what they should. There are few things worse than having to take a shower in water that barely comes out of the showerhead.

The best way to maintain pressure to the house is with a Davey BT Pressure Boosting Pump. What these pumps do is sense the amount of water being drawn into the house and begin pressurizing the water supply to keep all those fixtures pouring as they should. They can provide a set amount of water at a set pressure increase indefinitely, so that new Rain Forest showerhead or whatever they are calling it today will in fact provide enough rain to cause you to believe you are on an Amazon trek.

Davey pumps are installed near the water supply line to the house, so are out of the way…and better yet, they operate all on their own. Once installed, the Torrium module operates the pump as necessary to keep the pressure even. There is no maintenance, adjustments or otherwise to this pump, you install it and let it work for you.

Caveat – Please consult us to get the right one for you, you cannot get the most powerful one simply because of the impressive performance numbers, it must be sized properly to the system it is going on. We are more than happy to discuss this with you. We always would like to spend the time necessary than sell you something inappropriate.