The Kitchen…a place of interest for those of us who like to eat.

Most of us are familiar with the noisy, rattling, ineffective range vents usually installed in a home. These units typically have some form of fan and motor right above the range, causing all sorts of racket, and struggle to pull all the smoke from the fish that my wife I burned last night.

Is there a better way? You bet. Fantech Component Kitchen Exhaust systems. These have the a powerful fan located in the attic, coupled with a Silencer (muffler for the automotively inclined) that is able to pull massive amounts of air and do it without driving you from the kitchen with noise.

The ideal setup would have some sort of Hood Liner, a Backdraft Damper to prevent air from coming down the pipe when the Fan is off, the Silencer, The Fan and some sort of discharge hood in that order. All that is left is some hard wall galvanized pipe and you have a vent system that is unparalleled in terms of performance and quiet operation.

Sizing the system can be done by using our handy System Builder or a few simple rules of thumb:

  • The hood should be wider than the range.
  • Multiply the size of the hood to get surface area (36×22=792sq in)
  • Divide that by 144 to get square footage (792 sq in=5.5 sq ft)
  • Use around 75-100 CFM per square foot minimum to get the size fan you need