There’s an easier way to ventilate a house than installing separate fans for each bathroom plus a low-flow continuous ventilation system for the rest of the house. That’s a lot of installation time, several penetrations in the outside walls, and just too many systems to tie together and hope it all works. There’s good news though. There’s an easier way that not only cuts down on installation time, it also saves the homeowner money on energy bills.

American Aldes VentZone® IAQ systems are the only central ventilation systems available that provide precisely regulated whole-house Indoor Air Quality AND centralized bathroom fans in a single, highly effective and efficient ventilation kit. Each kit can provide low continuous IAQ ventilation and zone-based on-demand “boost” ventilation. Even better, they’re designed to meet ASHRAE 62.2, ENERGY STAR with IAP, LEED for Homes, and California Title 24 (CAL GREEN) standards.

Wondering how they work? The kits contain two Zone Register Terminals (ZRT-2s); these replace exhaust grilles in bathrooms and other high humidity areas like kitchens and laundry rooms. When a bathroom is in use, the ZRT damper opens for on-demand exhaust ventilation, yet the other bathrooms are not affected by the bathroom in use. Instead of the traditional exhaust fan, the kit has a centralized multi-port fan, so one fan can support 2-4 bathrooms. When the on-demand boost isn’t in use, the ZRTs still provide low-continuous airflow to keep the whole house ventilated.

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Aldes VentZone System

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