MRCOOL’s DIY products, have been designed with the homeowner in mind. These products bring together a blend of user-friendliness, efficiency, and technology.

The MRCOOL Quick Connect system, combined with their precharged lines, revolutionizes the HVAC installation process. Homeowners benefit from a streamlined setup without the need for specialized tools or professional charging, removing the need for a costly professional install and making climate control solutions both efficient and hassle-free.

The All-Rounder: MRCOOL’s Universal Series

Ever found yourself torn between the energy efficiency of ductless mini-splits and the comprehensive air delivery of traditional systems? The Universal Series eliminates that dilemma.

Versatility at Its Best: Whether you have an existing duct system or are looking for a ductless solution, the Universal Series caters to both. Now, you don’t have to compromise on your home’s architectural integrity or settle for less-than-perfect air distribution.

High Efficiency, Low Bills: With impressive SEER ratings, this series doesn’t just promise performance—it ensures your energy bills stay pocket-friendly.

Smart Comfort: Integrated with advanced smart technology, the Universal Series can be effortlessly paired with your smartphone. This means comfort is just a tap away!

Simplicity Meets Efficiency: DIY Mini-Splits

For the homeowners who love to take matters into their hands, MRCOOL’s DIY mini-splits are a dream come true.

Truly DIY: Say goodbye to hefty professional installation fees. With the Quick Connect Line Set, installing your HVAC system is as easy as setting up a home appliance.

Compact & Powerful: Don’t be fooled by their sleek design. These mini-splits pack a punch when it comes to cooling and heating, ensuring every corner of your room feels just right.

Eco-Friendly: Energy efficiency is at the core of MRCOOL’s DIY mini-splits. With high SEER ratings, you’re not just saving money—you’re contributing to a greener planet.

For those not interested in the DIY line, MRCOOL also offers a professional installation option.*

*Professional installation not included

The future of HVAC is here, and it’s flexible, efficient, and smart. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone seeking a versatile HVAC solution, MRCOOL’s Universal Series and DIY mini-splits are set to redefine your home comfort experience.

Embrace the next generation of home climate control today.