An exhaust fan is often used while cooking. When the air is expelled from the kitchen, the house can become negatively pressurized. This can pose a lot of issues such as backdrafting, increased energy consumption, moisture, and many more. The solution to avoid these issues is by having a make-up air system as well as the exhaust system that balance each other out. Together, this is called a balanced make-up air system.

The issues of a negatively pressurized house

As stated, there are a many issues that can happen when a house is negatively pressurized:

Backdrafting: Backdrafting can cause the gases of combustion appliances to be drawn back into the home instead of being vented outside which can create health issues.

Increased energy consumption: Outdoor air can infiltrate the home to balance out the pressure, which can cause your air conditioner or heater to work overtime trying to keep temperature.

Moisture: Air that infiltrates a negatively pressurized house often carries moisture with it. This can lead to increased humidity levels in the home; promoting mold growth and potentially causing structural damage over time.

Pests and bugs: Negative pressure can draw in insects and pests from outside or from other parts of the building which can lead to potential infestations.

Dust and allergens: Negative pressure can draw in unfiltered air from outdoors or spaces like attics and crawlspaces, which can increase the amount of dust, pollen, and other allergens in the home.

What comes with the base Balanced Make-up Air System kit

The Ruck Balanced Make-up Air System comes with 2 Ruck Air Movement Prime Evo EC fans, an HVACquick CFB MERV-13 filter box, a backdraft damper, and a B10K potentiometer assembly and wiring terminal adapter.

Once you’ve chosen a stove; verify the required volume of exhaust and we can assemble a package to meet your needs including the exhaust and make-up air fans, silencers, wall caps, controls, and damper.

For an optimal kitchen exhaust system, begin by integrating our CSL elbow silencer into the hood vent’s duct. Follow this with the Prime Evo EC fan to drive the air through the duct and out through either an exhaust roof cap or wall cap.

The make-up air system begins with either an intake roof cap or wall cap followed by a backdraft damper. The damper ensures no backdraft enters the home when the system is inactive. To purify the incoming air, a CFB MERV-13 filter box is installed. The system’s airflow is facilitated by the Prime Evo EC fan, while our CSL elbow silencer ensures quiet operation.

By ensuring a harmonious balance between intake and exhaust, the balanced make-up air system offers not just an advanced mechanism, but peace of mind. As we continue to seek improvements in our living environments, understanding and investing in balanced airflow remains a crucial step toward healthier, more sustainable homes.

Keep your home balanced today for a better tomorrow.