Decorative Grilles and Registers

On July 23, 2015, in cool products, news, by radek

Exciting news!  We added SteelCrest decorative grilles and registers to our product lineup.  With their unmatched selection of designs, finishes, and custom features your sure to find the perfect compliment to any home.

The SteelCrest product line is divided into 5 main series:

  • Bronze Series: Least expensive. Punched steel and available in 3 patterns and 4 colors. Manufactured using 18 gauge steel.
  • Silver Series:  Laser-cut and available in 6 patterns and 5 colors. Manufactured using 11 gauge steel.
  • Gold Series:  Most expensive. Laser-cut and available in all 16 patterns and all 15 colors. Manufactured using 11 gauge steel.
  • Pro-Linear Series and Pro-Vertical Series:  Bar linear style grilles.  Approved for floor use.






Measure Up….

On May 12, 2010, in technical-support, by jake

When people are looking to get a replacement grille or register for their home, the easiest question would be “what size do I need?”, or is it….

These grilles are custom built to fit. Fit what you ask? Well, since your old grille is not likely one we built, we cannot go by the outside dimension (flange to flange) as they vary by builder and model.

The dimension we need is the Actual Hole in your wall. Also, take a few measurements each way at a variety of locations. This will let you (and us) know the size that will fit best.

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